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Loop Machine

June 2010

Customizable looping audio player, inspired by FM3 Buddha Machine, Throbbing Gristle Gristleism, and Asian chanting boxes.

Loop Machine prototype

Prototype is constructed of an Arduino, Adafruit Wave Shield, SD card, and cigarillo box.

The design needs a few refinements. The speaker (salvaged from portable DVD player) is not very loud and probably is the wrong impedance. The volume dial is switched, but is set up incorrectly to use as a power switch. The Wave Shield has the ability to change playback pitch, and I would like to add a pitch wheel.

Total cost of parts is about $60. This will depend on the enclosure. With some adjustments and clever recycling, this can be brought down to less than $40.

Construction plans, code, and audio files coming soon.

Blog post.